Sweetgrass Solutions serves as an accountable partner assisting you in reaching your full potential. Solution-focused coaching strategies will equip all will assist on building your strengths rather than your weakness.



About Coaching

*Coaching is a process in which the Coach is a Strategic Partner of the
Client to explore*

*Goals, barriers, action steps to achieve, and accountability plans to move

*All parties hereby agree to participate in the coaching relationship in
good faith, to put**forth their best effort to openly discuss and consider
options. **Coaching is not counseling. Coaching is partnering with clients
in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize
their personal and professional potential (ICF).*

Benefits of Partnering with a Coach:

· *Supports personal & professional Growth*
· *Accountable Partner*
· *Define Strength & Weaknesses*
· *Maximize potential*
· *Manage work/life balance*
· *Enhance decision-making skills*
· *Increase confidence at work, community, & home*
· *Develop Successful Action plans*

Our Coaching Services:

· Self-Care Coaching
· Coaching for Adults/Teens/Adolescents
· Group Coaching
· Family Coaching
· Couples Coaching
· Academic Coaching
· Spiritual Coaching

Today’s Minds with Tomorrow in Mind:
• Create Your Vision
• Connecting to Self, then Others
• Peaceful Living

*Contact us for information about our services.

Who we are:

*Sweet Grass Solutions* is a coaching agency working with individuals and
groups. All services offered are customized for each client and/or group
based on their desired goals. Sweet Grass Solutions offers an assortment of
coaching opportunities that will enhance your ability to succeed personally
and professionally.

Our Approach:

All services offered are customized for each client and/or group based on
their desired goals. A sensible holistic approach is utilized to create
well balanced coaching plans based on the needs of the client or group.
Coaching services include: one-to-one sessions, one-to-one tele sessions,
and assessments. Sessions are 55 minutes each.

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