About Me

Yolanda Champagne-Bland

Ed.D- Certified Master Coach

Yolanda is a certified Master Coach. She has over 25 years’ experience
assisting individuals with skill development, professional, spiritual and
personal growth. Yolanda works with individuals who are in need of
motivation, confidence, and decision making options. In the past Yolanda
has worked in with emotionally disturbed teens, adults with opiate
addiction, athletes, and college students.

I highly recommend Dr. Bland as a coach. Having a session with her on my calendar motivates me to actively consider my current state and relaxes me because I know I have someone in my life to talk about it all with.


Yolanda’s Experience

Yolanda has a doctoral degree in Education, with a focus on Pastoral
Community Counseling from Argosy University. She also attended Long Island
University, where she attained a Master’s of Science degree in Counseling
and Development. She is the Director of the Student Success Center at
a local college, where she teaches General Psychology.

In addition to the Master Coaching certification, Yolanda has completed
various certified trainings. She is certified as a *7 Habits of a Highly
Effective College Student Facilitator, National Counsel on Student
Development, *and *Mental Health First Aid Counselor. *In the past she
attended training in *Conflict Management* and *Mediation, National
Domestic Violence, *and *Triple P Positive Parenting Program*.

Yolanda works with adults and teenagers providing exceptional coaching services on a daily basis. In the community Yolanda assist Pastors and other church leaders with community building and customized solutions to fit their
needs. As a Coach she is ambitious, courteous, self- initiating and always
looking to assist others. As a professional in higher education, Yolanda
truly understands the commitment and dedication required to be successful
in educating and retaining our future leaders. Yolanda offers service of
mentoring, coaching and guidance to all individuals aspiring to be
successful in all endeavors. She assists clients with enthusiasm,
reliability, hardworking and trustworthiness.

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