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    These People Have Changed Their Lives

    I highly recommend Dr. Bland as a coach. Having a session with her on my calendar motivates me to actively consider my current state and relaxes me because I know I have someone in my life to talk about it all with.


    During coaching sessions I get support, validation and insight to issues I am currently facing. Although Dr. Bland offers fresh insights to my issues, she also draws them out of myself with her coaching techniques.


    Dr. Bland is an amazing life coach. She is very empathic and professional. My sessions with her helped me truly move forward with life. She has a versatile tool box that can help anyone gain clarity, make great change, and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side. I highly recommend.


    After working with Dr Bland, I finally found the job I was waiting for for so long!  They made me a great offer and all of my “non-negotiables” and values were respected and my expectations were exceeded.  Our sessions really helped me to focus on what was important and definitely contributed to me finding a fantastic position.


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